One of our most popular services is screening in your front entryway.  Entryway screen-ins can be simple & functional, with just a standard door and screen for keeping the insects out, or rather elaborate with a designer door, and sidelites to for a very unique and highly customized look.

Here we are looking at just a simple & functional entryway.

You’ll notice that the door is nothing fancy, just a standard screen enclosure door, 36 inches wide by 80 inches tall.  To the sides of the door is standard screen with no architecturally inspired metal work.  This is effective for keeping bugs out, and giving a passive appearance which keeps eyes on the house, not drawing attention to the screen.  While we do call it simple and functional, this one was one of rather complicated ones to do as we had to work over the natural stone finish at the bottom of the house, and over stucco buttresses at the top corners.  No problem for the GCA crew though, we get it done.

About 40% of our entryway screen-ins are done in a simple and functional manner.  When we initially quote your entryway screen in, we quote a simple & functional entryway.  Everything else, such as designer doors, key locks, architectural sidelites,  are added on from there as requested.

Now as I said about 40% of our screen-ins are ‘simple & functional.  The next 40% go with a designer door and possibly a sunburst (designer piece above the door).  The remaining 20% of our customers add some sidelites for customization.  If you’re thinking about getting your entryway screened in, take a look at our front entryways page for more ideas, then contact us and let us know you would like a quote for a front entryway, and tell if you’d just like a simple & functional or what options you’d like.

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Corey Philip

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Corey began working on screen enclosures as a teenager in 2004 after hurricane Charley devastated his home town of Punta Gorda. 7 years later, after holding positions from foreman, to sales, to project manager, while attending college at Florida Gulf Coast University, Corey and childhood friend Thomas Davis founded Gulf Coast Aluminum in 2011. With a focus on delivering an unparrelled level of service, the company has grown by leaps and bounds under their leadership. Today you’ll find Corey answering the phones In his free time Corey likes training for triathlons, running the trails at Ding Darling park on Sanibel Island, and of course, working on growing Gulf Coast Aluminum.