Under-Truss Screen Enclosure

Whether you seek a cozy lounging space, an outdoor dining area, or a versatile entertainment zone, our under-truss solutions offer a seamless blend of outdoor freedom and indoor comfort.

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Under-truss screen enclosures (also referred to as lanai’s) are built underneath the ‘truss’ roof of a home using the structural supporting elements of the home, much the same as a front entryway enclosure.

Once screened-in the patio space serves as a transitions space that keeps bugs and pests out, can prevent pets from escaping, and provide an area for outdoor area. Most developer or general contractor built homes in Florida unfortunately leave off these under-truss lanai’s… but we can certainly get them done.

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Why Under-Truss Screen Enclosure

Although not as large as a full size pool cage or accessory structure screen enclosures, and limited to the existing size of the lanai, under-truss screen enclosures are lower priced (relative to an accessory structure), and can often be completed quickly as no permit is needed (most locations).