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We're the company to call when your pool cage needs help. We’ve been keeping pool cages buttoned up and bugs out for years.

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With a long standing reputation for quality, state licensing, and $1,000,000 of insurance we’re the guys (and girls) that can get things done right! Take a look at our services for pool cages below — we even repaint pool cages to make them look new again!

GCA Standard (new Pool Cages)

We build awesome new pool cages through out southwest Florida that are build to maximize your view, ceiling height and withst

Service Call and Screen Repairs

Whether is from a tropical storm, or your neighbors dog, pool cage screen can and does tear. We can get you buttoned up and fixed quickly, because after-all, “a pool screen with tears is like a boat with holes in the bottom”. In most cases we can have our friendly service technicians out there in a couple days (subject to availability)… and unlike many of our competitors, we actually show up.


Screen mesh, doesn’t last forever. Most of the screen enclosures built in Florida, by large scale home builders, or pool contractors are built with the lowest grade of screen mesh available which only lasts 2-3 years. Beyond that, mid grade screen, has a life expectancy of 7-9 years.  When you need a re-screen, we’ll be ready.

Screen Enclosure Restoration (Painting)

This one of our most popular services. After years in Florida elements the baked enamel finish commonly used by the aluminum mill, can weather, turn green, fade, peel, and show rust stains.

Our restoration process makes old screen enclosures look great again.

Rusty Fastener Replacement

Low grade steel fasteners are no match for dissimilar metals and the Florida environment. You’ve probable seen the result; rusting screws and red stains on the enclosure. But the negative effects go a little deeper than surface value. The fasteners which hold the structure together lose their strength quickly and corrode. We can replace the fasteners with a higher grade material, and restore integrity.

Common Mesh Types for Pool Cages

Fiberglass 18/14

Fiberglass 20/20

Polyester 17/20

Polyester 14/16

Service Areas for Screen Enclosure Services

Bonita Springs | Cape Coral Fort Myers | Naples North | Punta Gorda

Pool Cage FAQs

How soon can we get to your project?

This depends on the scope of work and our current calendar. Please contact us.

Does pool cage painting really work?

Yes! We repaint hundreds of pool cages every year which have led to many of 5 star reviews. Our new electro-static painting process produces a finish far superior than the baked enamel finish that comes on standard members from the mill.

Can you re-screen my pool cage?

We’ve re-screened pool cages in every neighborhood around Southwest Florida and we can certainly re-screen yours!

How long does pool cage screen last?

This depends on the type of screen that was used. The low grade artisan screens commonly used by home and pool builders only lasts 2-3 years. Phifer mesh lasts 7-9 years, while polyester mesh can last 10+ years.

How strong are pool cages?

Pool cages have to meet the windzone and exposure rating that was in effect by building code for the year they were constructed. This varies by location and year built. And assumes that all materials meet their original production standards.

That said, most pool cages are only a fraction of the strength they were originally engineered for, as fasteners rust and corrode becoming significantly weaker. The best thing you can do to ensure structural integrity is replace fasteners with a Nylto-tech fastener or 316 marine grade stainless (very expensive) — do note 304 stainless fasteners don’t last much longer than ordinary steel fasteners.