Our Team

Meet our dedicated team of professionals, each bringing a unique set of skills, expertise, and passion to the table.

Tom Davis

When he’s not building the strongest, most innovative enclosures in the state; Tom enjoys fishing, boating, and spending time with his family.

Door screen time: 3:45
Hometown: Port Charlotte, FL


Joe is the greatest enclosure painter this world has ever seen. Most experienced with custom colors and uniquely challenging projects.

Door screen time: 2:26
Hometown: Fort Myers, FL
Painted enclosures: 6000+


Sam can do anything from custom enclosures to warranty calls. A true jack of trades who deals in almost every single aspect in the company either in the office or on field.

Door screen time: 3:36
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Any task needed: 1+


Dawn is a heartwarming lady with amazing intra and interpersonal skills. Dawn is also methodical when giving the details and overview of what they asked and need to know.

Satisfied customers: 1000+
Hometown: Fort Myers, FL
Dog owner: 10+ years


James is a project manager filled of focus, commitment, and sheer will. He always focuses on the task at hand and has great control and understanding of customer interaction.

Door screen time: 4:02
Satisfied customers: 100+
Hometown: Fort Myers, FL


Andrew is the backbone of Gulf Coast Aluminum as he manages all the office operations here. He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the company and ensures a smooth experience for everyone.

Questions answered: All of them
Satisfied customers: 1000+
Hometown: Fort Myers, FL