Screen Rooms

Whether you desire a tranquil reading nook, an alfresco dining spot, or a versatile entertainment space, our screen rooms offer the ideal solution for expanding your living space.

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What is a Screen Room?

A screen room is a solid roof with screen walls on the sides, sometimes they are referred to as a lanai or covered patio. They provide rain, sun and bug protection year round for additional outdoor living space.

Screen rooms can be easily added to most homes or even commercial buildings — we’ve built them for outdoor seating at restaurants, schools, and sports venues.

Roof Type

The roof we use is a 3″ insulated composite panel roof. These roofs are quieter (when it rains), cooler, and stronger then then the thin roll form ‘pan’ roofs. These roofs are strong enough to support the weight of a person for repairs and meet the Florida Building Codes.

Screen Room with Clearview Door

Screen Room with Fan Beams

Clearview Door to Ceiling Screen

Screen Room with Kickplate

Composite Roof and Clearview Screens

Screen Room with Hurricane Cable

Common Screen Room

Clearview Screens and Doorway Pavers

Popular Upgrades & Options For Screen Rooms

Oversized and Double Doors

Sometimes standard 36″ x 80″ doors just wont cut it. Oversize doors are a handy feature when you need to get large furniture such as a hot tub, couch, or refrigerator into the screen room.


Optional metal panels that go around the lower perimeter of the screen enclosure. The kick plate provides a resilient barrier, to pets, lawn mowers, and screen tearing activity.

Fan/Light Mount Beams

Fans and lights are common options in a screen room. Fan beams, concealed nicely within the roof itself are available for seamless mounting of electronic of decorative add-ons.