Online Estimates

Hi… and thanks for visiting our site. We’re doing our best to make the estimate process as convenient as possible, by making in 100% online.  In fact, we’ve actually been doing estimates this way for years! 

Simply fill out your information below, attach some pictures, and we will get to work.  It is important to note, that at least 2 pictures of the work area must be attached with your estimate request.

Let's get started!


More 5 Star Reviews than Any Competitor.

Here are 3 reasons we can do this:

1. We use advanced 3d mapping software that allows us to measure Height, depth, and width, of nearly any structure on earth with precise accuracy.

2. Although every aluminum structure is unique, the structural elements remain very similar. This allows us to give you pricing as soon as we can calculate dimensions and determine the applicable local building codes.

3. Finally, after estimating over 5000 projects in the last year alone, we’ve learned what questions to ask to enable us to provide you with accurate pricing based on about a 10 minute conversation.

Here's how it normally works:

You tell us what kind of work you need done, what you would like built, or what issues your aluminum structure has, we will follow up via email with any questions we might have to accurately quote your project.

Once we have all the information needed one of our project estimators will email your quote to you and will give a follow up call if necessary to discuss any options or unique circumstances.  If we are unable to quote your project online, your project estimator will provide a ‘ballpark’ quote and schedule a convenient time to come out for a firm quote if you would like.

Once you receive your quote:

Once you are certain Gulf Coast Aluminum is the company for you, simply reply to your email estimate or call us to proceed; or click the APPROVE button on your electronic estimate.

Your project estimator will get in touch with you to schedule the work, and email you a service agreement which can be returned via email or fax. This low pressure sales approach puts you in the driver’s seat and insures you get pricing quickly… truly a win-win!