See the magic of picture window screen enclosures in action.

A pool screen enclosure with a picture window is one of our most crowd-favorite options for Gulf Coast homes. It features a large opening installed in the center, offering a spectacular view of the landscape or waterfront. 

Fortunately, picture windows can be installed on new or existing enclosures. This is mainly the reason why these homeowners from Lakewood Ranch, Florida opted to have picture views to update their existing pool set-up!

So if your pool offers a breathtaking view like this one, a picture view window screen proves to be an excellent option to consider. This offers a large portion of the enclosure that is unobstructed from any unsightly cables or beams. As a result, you’ll have a “picture perfect” view that will definitely wow any guests!

Important Note: Projects like these require securing the right permit before giving it a green light. After our team secured the permits, we proceeded with the silver Clearview conversion as planned.

We went ahead to cover the entire front wall of the screen enclosure to clear view (Span Size: 54') with new vertical posts. The main load-bearing wall also had to be updated to meet the current building code. Our team also eliminated the 1"x2" prefabricated design flaw on the header and used solid, instead of stitched vertical posts. The fewer aluminum members decrease the probability of damage in the hurricane-prone Florida region.

Keep in mind that picture view screens offer more than just aesthetic appeal. If anything, plenty of the pool owners we’ve previously worked with consider them to be wise financial choices. For one, they instantly increase the curb appeal and the home's selling value due to their modern aesthetic.

With a picture view, you'll appreciate the breeze even more. You can enjoy improved airflow around your pool because a wide selection of these enclosures doesn't have beams or cables. They are a good option for pool owners who want to enjoy a cool breeze on a summer night without having to remove a screen.

Don’t worry. There won't necessarily be more bugs just because there are fewer beams. To keep bugs and other annoyances out, these enclosures include screens with very small holes. The material is also made to be additionally resilient against various natural and man-made missiles, giving owners peace of mind.

If the beams and bars in your current enclosure make it feel like a cage… This will never be the case again with a picture windows installation project! One of the many reasons these screens are so well-liked is the open and spacious feeling they give off, which solves your cage-like problem.

Picture view window screens are available in a range of designs to suit your individual preferences and aesthetics. You can turn a portion of a wall, a complete wall, or even the entire enclosure into a picture view screen!

Thanks to their adaptability, picture windows are fantastic for any budget and design preference. Contact Gulf Coast Aluminum today so we can help you maximize your view on a budget.

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Corey Philip

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