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Clearview Picture Window Pool Enclosure Transformation in Lakewood Ranch, Florida

Picture windows, also called Clear View, allows you to enjoy your outdoor view as much as possible. This is a stark contrast if you are used to having a compromised, obstructed view with a couple of aluminum members. Sounds like an eyesore, right?

Homeowners from Lakewood Ranch, Florida wanted to remove the "cage feeling" brought by regular windows by replacing them with picture windows instead. Fortunately, picture windows can be installed into an existing enclosure. So these homeowners from Lakewood Ranch, Florida, had theirs built even though they already have one. (Related: Picture Window Conversion in Fort Myers)

Important Note: Building a picture window (or a new screen enclosure) will require you to meet structural permits, engineering, and a survey. That said, ensure your contractor can help you secure the proper permit for your project to be given the green light.

Picture Window Pool Enclosure Transformation Process

We had to figure out an efficient layout option to determine the best sides to be reconfigured. And once we have that all sorted out, converting it to silver Clear View (color bronze) was as easy as ABC. To handle the weight, we also installed new vertical posts in place.

All the sides (with a span of about 54') do not have a lot of stitched vertical posts or chair rails that obstruct the pool view. We also updated the main load-bearing wall to meet the current building code. There was a prefabricated design flaw in the header (1" x 2"), which our team also removed. Fewer aluminum members also decreased the probability of damage in hurricane-prone Florida.

Gulf Coast Aluminum can lend a hand in your residential custom pool cage and screen enclosure project. So when you're planning on getting a pool enclosure installed, contact us today!

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